A Word From CEO

My name is Drew Jansky, Founder of Custom Pro. As a home or business owner, nothing is more important than the home that keeps your family safe and the business that protects your livelihood. At Custom Pro, we understand that to the deepest level. We will never stop until the job is complete and our clients are satisfied. We take pride in our work as you take pride in your property. We built Custom Pro on a foundation of integrity that is uncompromisable.


Core Values


As a mission-driven organization, Custom Pro’s values guide our approach to our work. These values clarify the ways in which we engage with each other, our partners, our customers and the communities in which we work. Simply put, our values define our company and the way we go about our business every day.  


1. Integrity

At Custom Pro, we believe in transparent business practices that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties that ultimately lead to repeat business opportunities. We practice a heightened sense of integrity in everything we do, from the way we engage with project partners to the high value we place on craftsmanship and quality.

2. Determination

Originating, Designing, Developing, Financing & Constructing large-scale roofing and renewable energy project are not easy tasks. We bring a dogged determination to our work as we constantly strive to deliver faster, cheaper and higher-quality projects over our competitors. 

We are not afraid of challenging projects, infact, we thrive on them. We have built a strong reputation on saving stranded projects while delivering new, innovative models to our customers, and ultimately delivering greater amounts of value to our economy.

3. Our Aim

The roofing & solar market is a dynamic, fast-changing, and rapidly developing sector of our economy that rewards the most innovative companies and institutions. At Custom Pro, we work on the cutting edge of roofing, solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency products, and constantly look to educate ourselves as to the latest technologies, design practices, and software applications to deliver the top tier products and services to the marketplace. Custom Pro has consistently pushed the envelope by developing and deploying innovative projects and policies throughout our history.

4. Humility

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work at the forefront of this industry, and we feel humbled to be able to do so at such a critical time in history. We approach this work from a feeling of gratitude and engagement, and we let our reputation — through our projects and our clients — speak for itself.


Meet our team members

Rana Omer Ijaz

Chief Technology Officer

Shaunte Smith

Head Of Operations