Best Solar and Roofing in Texas

Your roof is one aspect of your home that’s greatly visible and noticed by everyone. A roof keeps your family safe from the outside environment and protects your home. But we can’t deny the fact that a roof replacement in Texas can cost alot for any homeowner.

Have you ever wondered if there is damage to the roof or leaks forming that you can’t see? Roof leaks are sneaky because it’s nearly impossible to notice them right away. Most people don’t realize they have a leak until they start seeing water spots forming on their ceilings.

Is this happening in your home right now? Water damage to the wood decking underneath the shingles causes the wood to rot, leaking more into the attic ruining the insulation, finally seeping through the drywall into the home. This causes severe damage to the interior of the home. Nobody wants that. Have you been putting off a needed roof replacement due to it’s cost in Texas? If yes we have got you covered.

Roofing in Texas:

Your home relies heavily on its roof to protect it from the scorching sun, rain, wind, hail storms etc. Texas is a large state with severe varying weather based on where you live. This, paired with diverse architectural styles, demands a wide variety of roofing solutions. Most Texas homes, like those in many other states, count on architectural shingles or asphalt as the cheapest option. Architectural shingles are approved for hail and severe winds becoming increasingly popular in many places in Texas. Tile roofs with concrete tiles, slate, or clay are common in Spanish-style houses. Metal roofs are becoming more prevalent in other sections of the state.

Roof replacement cost in Texas:

roof replacement

A roof replacement is a pricey investment, yet it is an essential aspect of home maintenance. The cost of a Texas roof replacement might vary based on the size and kind of property, as well as on the price of the materials used. The typical roof replacement cost in Texas is roughly $15,000.

But, if your home has a bigger or more intricate roof, the cost might rise to $25,000 or more. Roofing costs differ based on the material used. The national average cost for an asphalt shingle roof is often the most economical alternative. It ranges from around $15,200 to $19,300, according to your roof’s size and shingle quality. But metal roofs are typically more expensive.

Based on your individual demands, we can provide a more accurate estimate for the cost of a roof replacement. If you are interested in getting a free roof inspection or a free new roof estimate. Please click here and fill out the form.

Factors affecting the cost of roof replacement in Texas

After contacting three or four different local roofing providers, you begin to ponder why all of the roof replacement quotes differ from each other. Then how would a roofing expert calculate the cost of a new roof? Following are some of the elements that will influence the cost of your roof replacement in texas:

1. Roof Dimensions

The size of your house does not correspond to the size of your roof. Roofers will take a precise estimation of square footage and then divide it by 100 to get what is known as a “roofing square.” You should think about whether the roof has a lesser or greater pitch. Roof types that cost more than a flat roof include hip, gable, mansard, and others.

2. Slope of the roof

Homes in Dallas and Grand Prairie have lower roof pitches, while some have higher roof pitches. The pitch elevation affects the installation cost since the steeper your roof, the greater the surface area. In addition, owing to protective measures such as harnesses, the steeper the roof, the more expensive the task will be.

3. The type of roof previously installed and the number of layers

Most homes have one layer of asphalt shingles, but some have two layers. This happens when bad contractors skip the important step of tearing off the roof completely down to the decking. The more material that must be scraped off, the greater the price due to labor and disposal charges. This cost is normally calculated by weight.

4. Roofing material type

roof replacement

The average cost of roofing materials accounts for around 40% of your roof replacement cost. One of the most significant and vital factors to consider is the cost of materials. There are several brands, each with its own set of materials. Roofs made of costly materials, such as slate or metal, will require a larger budget to replace than roofs made of less expensive materials, such as asphalt shingle roofs.

5. Time of year:

Roofing costs are also affected by the time of year, or “seasons.” When it’s summer or spring, the roofing service providers are extremely busy. As a result, you need to pay a premium to get an appointment to replace your roof. Roofing contractors often have free schedules in the fall and winter, so you may be able to receive a cheaper cost if you plan your roof replacement during these months.

6. Your location:

Roofing expenses might also vary based on where you live. Roof replacements in rural locations is typically more expensive than in metropolitan ones. This is due to the higher cost of transporting supplies and labor to more remote locations.

7. The Roofing Expert

Not all roofing companies are the same. We advise homeowners to be cautious if they receive a noticeably lower estimate. Hire a notable roofing firm with the following credentials:

  • Established and well-reputed.
  • Years of experience.
  • Have liability insurance.
  • A presence on social media with reviews is a plus.
  • Offers at least a 5 year workmanship warranty

We’ve been to several homes where the homeowner has encountered leakage within three years after installing a roof. If you employ a low-cost roofer, you shoulder the responsibility for your roof. For more information and the best advice, please contact us for a free roofing consultation.

8. Extra Details

Finally, the finishing elements of a roof might impact the cost of roof replacement. Because each property is unique, the number of plumbing fixtures, optional skylights, and even a chimney will affect the roof’s pricing. 

What are the signs that I need a roof replacement?

roof replacement

1. Aged roof:

The first, and perhaps most visible, indication is that your roof is just getting old. There might be a variety of factors leading to the evident wear and tear on the roof, but the signs of aging are always a solid warning that your roof needs a replacement. In addition, if your roof is nearing its replacement age, you should consider replacing it before any difficulties arise. In Texas, a “30 Year Roof” typically only lasts 10-15 at best before it starts failing. You should have your roof checked for indicators of structural damage, and for this, feel free to take advantage of our roofing consultation service.

2. Sagging roof:

The second issue is a sagging roof. When a roof begins to sag, it is a clear indication that it must be replaced as soon as possible. Sagging can cause a variety of issues, including damage to the roof deck, which is critical to the internal structure of your roof. Many factors may cause your roof to droop, but if it is starting to sink inward, you should get your roof replaced immediately. Don’t wait until your roof collapses into your attic.

3. Deformed shingles:

When shingles start to curl and wrap, this might indicate that your roof needs to be replaced. It is easy to replace some shingles from different places on the roof, which is considered a standard roof service. Nevertheless, you should still get your roof evaluated to ensure whether a thorough replacement is needed or not. When you notice a large number of your roof shingles are wrapped, curled, or missing, it is an indication that you need to replace the entire roof.

4. Passing sunrays:

Seeing sunlight through your roof or into the attic seems to be a significant red signal indicating that it’s the right time to replace your roof. If there are holes big enough for sunlight to pass through, think about what else can get in. If the roof is exposed like this, rain, chilly air, and even tiny animals could find their way inside your attic and into your home.

What’s your take on cost roof replacement?

If you notice any signs of aging, rot, or damage on your roof, you should contact a professional for advice on how to repair it and protect your property. You can book an appointment with our specialists immediately! We will provide you with free roof inspection and estimation service. Also, we will help you get the damages covered by insurance. Fill out the form below to get started.